About Us

India1001.com was formed as an online market place in order to bring beautiful, unique, and quality products that represent the emerging culture and traditional arts of India to buyers of the world. Our products are carefully curated and affordably priced.

India1001.com was founded by our love for beauty in creative and traditional art forms and we are constantly on the lookout to find exciting range of products that puts a smile on the face of our buyers.

India1001 is a Culture shop. Some of the crafts we showcase are hundreds of years old. Some of them have grown along with the cultures, and have been able to adopt to modern day production techniques and  requirements. While a few other crafts have been through survival trouble and have found a second life. Some are crafts known only to less than 100 people across the whole world, closely held family and clan secrets. We are fascinated about bringing all this to the world, in our corner of the world wide web.

Marketing of these products provides a needed service not only to the customer, who is unlikely to find these products easy, and to the artisans, who live under challenging conditions.

India1001.com believes in win-win situations. Artisans should be fairly compensated for their work. Profits made from sales would be used in developmental activities in the field of art and crafts. And last, but not least, customers should be able to buy beautiful, traditional products at reasonable prices while getting good service and being treated with respect.

We are not a pay to host service. That means we don't showcase anything that comes across our way. We evaluate each and every product that goes on this shop. We do the filtering, so our buyers get only the best quality and valued products .. at the best price.

When you have a question.. just mail us support@india1001.com