Guidelines for Sellers


What do we Offer ?

1. Your product listing in is absolutely free, and you are charged only on sales of your items.

2. In special cases we take up product Photography for some of our vendors and the charges vary for the products depending on complexity of photography.

3. Our online smart campaigns are designed to be present where our buyers are, and present day social marketing  techniques are used to stay close to the customers.

4. Constant Promotional Activities, and weekly newsletters keep our customers engaged and keep them coming back. We have a very high rate of returning customers, and repeat buyers.

5. We undertake order confirmation and customer verification, along with shipping specifics to ensure sure and safe delivery of our buyers purchases.

6. Packaging, Shipping, and Tracking is taken care of, by us, and we follow strict standards to ensure smooth delivery of the products.

7. Delivery confirmation follow ups and Viral lead generation.

Sales specific notes for vendors : will not charge anything for listing of your products on the website.

The vendor retains the right to display their brand name and the products will be listed under the your brand name at

The vendor will provide product photographs with minimum 1000 pixels resolution, along with detailed product description. Kindly mention any certifications you may have.

Sales Tax / VAT on the products on sale are to be taken care of by the vendor and the vendor takes on the responsibility of providing us with such records when the need arises.

The vendor shall raise and invoice to the buyer for the product including shipping, and will bill the vendor for the e-commerce service provided.

This working arrangement are usually for a period of 3 months, and will be subsequently renewed after mutual satisfaction of both parties of the working arrangement.

Other generic points for Listing & Selling through

Sellers are solely responsible for all items listed in their shop and for the compliance with legal regulations.

Information provided by you in the course of setting up a shop shall be true, accurate and complete. You are obliged to update this data as necessary and to always provide up-to- date information.


For more details, please send us a mail on with the details about your company and the products you wish to list..We would also like to see some pictures of the products as well..

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